Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Nebraska

MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND MASTER freddie l. clopton, jr. 33º


A Quote from Our Founder

Give the right hand of affection and fellowship to whom it justly belongs; let their color and complexion be what it will, let their nation be what it may, for they are your Brethren , and it is your indispensable duty so to do”  Prince Hall 1797


Prince Hall, a Revolutionary War veteran, is considered the father of African American Masonry. Historically, he made it possible for African Americans to be recognized and enjoy all privileges of free and accepted masonry. On March 2, 1784, Prince Hall petitioned the Grand Lodge of England, the mother of all Freemasonry, asking for a warrant for a Charter which had been denied by the Masons of Massachusetts due to racial segregation which existed at that point in our countries history. The warrant was approved and that charter, which is authenticated and in safekeeping, is believed to be the only original charter issued from the Grand Lodge of England still in the possession of any Lodge in the United States today.  Prince Hall established the first lodge of African American Masons in North America known as African Lodge No. 459 which later became African lodge No. 1 with Prince Hall as its Leader.  In 1791 the Prince Hall Grand Lodge was founded with Prince Hall as the first Grand Master.



On Behalf of the Officers and members of the Nebraska Jurisdiction, I welcome you to the MostWorshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nebraska website. I hope that your journey through our website is both informative and enlightening. It is our goal to share with the Masonic world, valuable information that will enable members of this Ancient and Noble Fraternity to expand their knowledge. Some of the areas are still under construction; however, we're working very diligently to have them completed. If there's any way that I or any of my officers can be of assistance, please feel free to CONTACT US.
May The Grand Architect Of The Universe continue to bestow upon you His Holy Blessings

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